Reunion Groups

(updated as of 3/23/2017)
Be Accountable to Each Other. Stay Connected.
Reunion groups help you stay focused on your walk with Christ. When you're having a great week, your group needs you! When things aren't going well, you need your group! They keep you accountable and connected to other Christians AND accountable and connected to Jesus Christ. Show up or call if you can't make it.
If you are looking for a reunion group, give the contact person a call to arrange joining the group, then SHOW UP! Once you find a group that fits, continue to show up.

Couple's Group:
meets once a month on the 2nd Friday night, rotates locations.
Tom & Peggy Knoop (317) 894-5861
Dave & Debbie Wietfeldt (317) 870-7503
Dave & Sharon Reed
Wayne & Susan Schmidt
Tim & Michelle Searcy (317) 345-8463

Women's Group:
Meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. Trinity 7th grade room
Pam Cole (317) 413-0417

Women's group:
Meets every Monday @ 6:30pm, various locations
Debbie Slaughter (317) 450-3464
Lori Thomas (317) 517-4138

Women's group
Meets every other Tuesday evening
Beth Paige (317) 979-1156
Monica Gavaghan (317) 358-6038
Cynthia Reifeis (317) 862-4384

Women's group: Monday Morning Missionaries
meets 3rd Monday at 10:00am
Margaret Glenn (317) 542-8658

Women's group:
Meets once a month
Haley Elizondo (317) 755-8808

Men's group:
Meets every Mon 6:00 pm, Four Seasons Restaurant
Dave Wietfeldt (317) 870-7503

Men's group:
Meets every Fri. 6:30a.m. Trinity Conference Room
Bill Baldwin (317) 946-8960
Minh Chau (317) 507-4803

Men's group:
Meets every Monday 7:00am at Lincoln Square
Chris Korb (317) 292-7403

Men's groupç
Meets Tuesday evenings
Chris Roller (317)691-7028

Men's group:
Meets every other Friday at 6:30am, Starbucks (465 & Emerson)
Nic Elizondo (317) 832-6469

Men's Group:
Meets every Friday at 6:00am, Brookville Rd Community Church
Dan Thacker

Men's group:
Meets every Tuesday at 6:00am, Starbucks
Jim Maple